Big face, small beauty?

Recently I was going through a box of things I had shipped home from Korea.  Metal chopsticks, cute notebooks, sparkly hair do-dads for my nieces, and this:


I can’t remember what it’s called in Korean but I do remember where it came from.  A Korean co-worker was very concerned that I would never get married (a fate worse than death) because my face was too big.  This thing would help me attract men by reducing the size of my face.

A small face is considered extremely beautiful in Korea.  There is a Korean actress who is famous for having a 17cm face, and apparently she can hide her face behind a CD.  As my marital status was a cause of much concern amongst my Korean co-workers, I frequently heard about this actress.  Two things always sprang to mind when people told me about her: (1) she can’t be much of an actress if she’s famous for the size of her face; and (2) unless she’s a tiny person, she must look like she’s got a weirdly shrunken head.

But perhaps I’m judging her by my Western standards of beauty…

Now thanks to my co-worker’s kind concern, I can endeavour to have a small face!


I need only rub the little wheels along my face and over time (my co-worker had assured me in all seriousness) my enormous face would become an acceptable, husband-attracting size.


I think I shipped it home because it does feel quite lovely, like a little relaxing face massage.  I haven’t observed any changes in the size of my face nor have I noticed any suitable gentlemen hurling themselves in my path but perhaps it takes time.  I’ll keep you posted.

20150510_183617 20150510_182524


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2 Responses to Big face, small beauty?

  1. healthehelen says:

    This is brilliant. I shall add it to the (patented) haddock mass index on my site as ways to judge magnificance.

  2. maurdian says:

    You can just never guess what new and fascinating bits of folklore will emerge in cultures!

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