Not as boring as I thought…


I love Ottawa.  I love living in Ottawa.  It’s a great place but I hesitate to call it a city.  The word ‘city’ brings to mind places like New York, London, and Tokyo.  Big, bustling, gritty, and busy 24 hours a day – everything Ottawa is not.  Ottawa is an awesome place to live but it’s just pretending to be a city, and not a whole lot happens.  Or so I thought.

Last Sunday morning, Something Happened.

The picture above is the ex-Sir John Carling building.  Opened in 1967, it housed Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada until it was recently decided that the building was too old, and too expensive to renovate.  Demolition experts were called in, and for a mere $4.8 million the 11-storey building was imploded.  (How do you become a demolition expert? How very, very cool.)

It was amazing.  Hundreds of people turned out to watch, in spite of it being the crack of dawn.  Not even the threat of a downpour deterred people.


Slightly awkward selfie showing our extreme early morning implosion excitement!

IMG_6487 IMG_6490I suppose when the largest employer in the city is the government,  it’s pretty exciting when a government building gets blown up.  Or blown down in this case…

A few minutes before the actual event, there was a warning siren.  Everyone got their cameras ready.  I think the whir of photographic equipment starting up was louder than the actual siren!


Even the security people and the construction workers had their cameras out!

Suddenly there were a few pops, the earth below our feet grumbled, and in seconds an 11-storey building was reduced to rubble.  Amazing.

Nothing was left but a cloud of dust.


Some firemen were hosing down nearby train tracks but I don’t know why.  Dust on the tracks?  Anyone know?



Ottawa still isn’t Seoul or Paris but controlled explosions always help improve my opinion of a city. 😀


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