Canapé Day

Yesterday, my English Camp students came in with enormous quantities of seemingly unrelated food – baby tomatoes, grapes, processed cheese slices, tuna salad, sesame leaves, strawberry jam, sliced ham, and frozen blueberries.  What was going on?

“Ka-na-piss, Carrie-teacher.  Today ka-na-piss day.”

“Kanapiss?” I repeated, puzzled.  What could it be?  I tried saying it with the emphasis on different syllables.

KA-na-piss.  ka-NA-piss.  ka-na-PISS.  It didn’t sound like any English word I knew, other than the obvious request to visit the bathroom.  I didn’t think that was it somehow.

Whatever it was, the kids were really excited about it.

“Carrie-teacher, ka-na-piss now? Now?  Kan-na-piss NOW?”

“No.” I felt like a big meanie but I had no idea what would happen if I said yes.

After lunch, I settled in to lesson plan for the next day.  My co-T paused on her way to the classroom.

“Aren’t you coming for the ka-na-pees?”

I looked at the boxes of soda crackers in her arms, and suddenly it clicked.  Canapés.  The students were going to make canapés.

Apparently the Korean co-Ts had told the students to bring in whatever they wanted as canapé toppers, and they would provide the cracker base.  There was to be a contest – the most delicious canapé would win.

And my goodness, what an amazing collection of canapés there were!

My personal favourite was the tuna-blueberry-processed cheese- sesame leaf canapé.

IMG_5317The other canapés were also flavour sensations.  I wasn’t sure if these were traditional Korean canapé flavours or if this was just what kids like. 😀


Tomato-processed cheese-strawberry jam.


Orange-processed cheese-cracker-blueberry jam- garlic cream cheese-white bread.  On the right is processed cheese-strawberry jam and peach.


Ham-cheese-strawberry jam- watermelon/ peeled grapes/ baby tomato.

IMG_5340Grapes-watermelon-jam- cheese.

I was treated to a whole selection of specially made meatless canapés.  Under the expectant, eager gazes I couldn’t say no.  I just hoped they had all washed their hands.


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6 Responses to Canapé Day

  1. Ceri says:

    Gotta love them for their bold combinations. 😀

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