Arms of Flame

Recently a teacher at my school was raising money for a children’s charity by selling arm covers. “What are arm covers?” I hear you ask.  Well dear friends, these are arm covers:

IMG_5182Koreans are VERY keen on white skin.  They will often wear ridiculous amounts of clothing (including arm covers) to prevent even the smallest flash of sunlight getting to their skin.  I have seen arm covers in every colour of the rainbow, and have even seen people wearing them at night.

But these were no ordinary arm covers, my co-worker assured me as if I would know the difference.  These special arm covers were guaranteed to lower your body temperature by two whole degrees! And they had been advertised on TV by a famous person I had never heard of!  She looked at me expectantly; I bought 2 pairs.  At least the money went to charity.

The back of the package was a bit puzzling.  I understood that I could wear the arm covers while I biked but the other pictures were a mystery.

IMG_5183Especially this one.  I found it highly unlikely the gentlemen bikers were staring enviously at her arm covers.

IMG_5184Still I figured I should try them on one of my walks after school.  Perhaps they really were more than just a bizarre fashion statement.

IMG_5088They were a little short, very tight and really, really hot.  I wanted to peel them off as soon as I had managed to squeeze into them.  But perhaps they were exercise activated.

I went for a walk in the Bamboo forest where even at 7pm it was still 32C.  My arms felt like they were on fire.  I tried flapping my arms slightly, making me look like a chicken.

The more I walked and flapped, the hotter I got.  The hotter I got, the more I sweat.  The more I sweat, the wetter the arm covers became.  And strangely enough, the wetter the arm covers got, the cooler they were.

However, it wasn’t a pleasant, refreshing cool; it was a clammy, wet-bathing suit cool.  UGH.

The only good thing about the arm covers was the attention I got wearing them.  Women smiled, and then pointed at my arms and theirs and said “Oh! Same, same!” Men gave me the thumbs up and said “Bu-rue! Nice-uh!”

And so even though my arms felt like they were about to burst into flame, I wore the arm covers for my entire walk.  I felt that for the first and probably last time, I fit in. 😀


About Carrie K

Teacher, writer, traveller. Slightly neurotic. Overly talkative. Loving life. You can also follow me on Twitter: kimchigirl72
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4 Responses to Arms of Flame

  1. I love this post! I can just imagine you flapping around in the bamboo forest! Heehee!

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