Everyday Broccoli Facial Mask Sheet

It had been a bit of a gloomy weekend, and so I stopped by my local Skin Food to buy some bright new nail polish.  Skin Food is a fabulous store that’s a bit like the Body Shop only cheaper and Korean.

As I went to pay for my new nail polish, the sweet young thing behind the cash pointed to some packages beside her.

“Sah-beece!” she explained, smiling.  (Sah-beece or service, is Korean for on the house.)

The free gift of the day was a face mask.  But which one did I want?  Mung bean? Rice? Mugwort? Yellow pine and charcoal? They all sounded like something out of a Harry Potter novel.  I settled on the broccoli mask.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to smear it all over my face but at least I knew what it was.

IMG_4754I wondered if Time Magazine had had this method of consumption in mind…

Astonishingly, the mask came with English instructions.

IMG_4757I opened the package and discovered the mask really was a mask.  It wasn’t something to smear, it was something to wear.  So wear it I did.  And discovered how differently-shaped my face is from the average Korean’s.

IMG_4760Isn’t there a horror movie about a guy in a mask?  Perhaps he came to Korea and opened a spa…

According to the package, I was supposed to use the leftover serum on other body parts.  (Serum is a bit of a creepy word.  Fits in with the horror movie theme though I suppose.)  I’m not sure which body parts the manufacturers had in mind; there was A LOT of serum. I decided to see how my face turned out before I put it anywhere else.

After 15 minutes, I peeled the mask off, eager to see if I had achieved a “healthy glow”.  Perhaps something had been lost in translation.  My face was red, shiny and sticky.  Was I supposed to wash it off?  I didn’t know.  Maybe that’s what the other free gift was for?


** Several hours later, my face is still a bit red but it is lovely and smooth. Maybe I’ll try mung bean next. 😀


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2 Responses to Everyday Broccoli Facial Mask Sheet

  1. This Korean brand is quite famous in my country (Thailand) as it’s well known for all of those different products made by natural material. I used to try the sample once which I think I’ve tried the same product as yours but it was basil for me. I did wash my face after finish masking. And yes I could feel my face got softer but not enough to make my buying them.

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