Sensational Socks

I love socks.  The brighter the better.  Korea is paradise for a sock lover like me.  I get to wear sandals all day, every day allowing me to display my vast sock collection (my “inside shoes” for school are comfy sports sandals),  AND Korean socks are AWESOME.

Korean socks come in the colours and patterns you would expect – stripes, polka dots, etc.  They also have lovely fuzzy socks for the winter, and tiny socks for the summer.

But what makes the Korean sock industry truly amazing are socks like this:

Hello Kitty socks and Angry Bird socks

These socks make me happy every time I wear them. 😀

It’s hard to tell but the octopus have little 3D beaks.  I also have cow, owl and pig socks with little 3D lips, beaks and snouts.

Who wouldn’t want a pair of shark socks? 😀

But by far the best socks I’ve seen in a while were these Psy Gangnam Style socks.  Amazing.  You know you’ve truly made it big when you’re on a sock.


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Teacher, writer, traveller. Slightly neurotic. Overly talkative. Loving life. You can also follow me on Twitter: kimchigirl72
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4 Responses to Sensational Socks

  1. oegukeen says:

    My feet are always freezing in the winter and the first gift I got from my boyfriend were Korean fuzzy socks. They are warm and cute. I’ve never seen something like that in Europe. Our socks are… dignified 😛

  2. Sharon Griffin says:

    I am a big fam of wool socks. The high tech, warm, soft, cushioney, hiking sort that keep you from getting blisters.

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