Beautiful Mystery Plants

Fall has arrived in the Bamboo Forest.  Sadly, bamboo doesn’t do anything exciting in the autumn; it looks pretty much the same winter, spring, summer and fall.  However, this gorgeous plant has begun to flower (or has gone to seed, I’m not sure which!).

Does anyone know what the name of this plant is?

And some pretty birds I saw catching fish. 😀

If anyone knows the name of the plant, I’d be much obliged.  My Korean-English dictionary just says ‘reed’.  Not particularly helpful…


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6 Responses to Beautiful Mystery Plants

  1. Sharon Griffin says:

    perhaps it is this:

    I am thinking it is definitely a grass,likely a miscanthus, similar to elephant grass in north america and africa. This one is native to Korea…

  2. gedlondon says:

    Wow! Very nice photos! 🙂

  3. oegukeen says:

    My boyfriend says it’s called 갈대 in Korean, which, you are right, only translates as reed.
    However, wikipedia gives this page when I switch from Korean to English
    and its subfamily, genus and species are different than Miscanthus that Sharon suggested.

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