There are Small Brains in my Soup

There is a lot of strange food in Korea.  Some of it is delicious, and some is not.  Most of the time, I hadn’t even realized the food in question could be eaten.  For example, my co-T is a big fan of chicken heart kabobs.  Her husband prefers grilled pig rectums.   Who knew anyone could or would eat those?

Thankfully school lunch rarely gets that exciting.  (I would imagine chicken hearts and pig rectums would be difficult to buy in bulk.)  Although I do occasionally feel like I’m on some sort of food-based reality show (Would you eat THIS for $1,000,000?), lunch is usually quite delicious.

(Although, there is a pig blood soup that comes with large chunks of bone.  The sound of the students noisily sucking the marrow out of the bone creeps me out.  And fish ovary spaghetti day is not my favourite. But generally, I like lunch.)

Today I looked into my soup bowl and saw dozens of little mini-brains.

Cooked sea squirts – a picture I stole from the internet.

My co-workers and the students surrounding us were happily munching away on the wee beasties.  Gingerly I tried one, then wished I hadn’t.  There were no napkins for me to discreetly spit it in, I had to eat it.

It had the texture of shoe leather – rubbery and tough.  And yet, after chewing for a bit, I broke through into the inner layers where there was a juicy, wet surprise.  I nearly gagged.  I swallowed the rest of the sea squirt whole.

I’ve always said I’ll try anything once…

As I was forcing the wee creature down, my co-T reminded me that I had also eaten it raw on the teachers’ trip last year.

I’m not sure which was worse.  But at least on the teachers’ trip I could wash it down with alcohol!  It’s funny how alcohol makes almost anything edible. 😀


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9 Responses to There are Small Brains in my Soup

  1. Ashley says:

    Ew! I recently ate pig brain in China and had a similar experience! lol

  2. oegukeen says:

    I would like to think I am adventurous when it comes to food, but somehow, I’m starting to doubt it 🙂

  3. Starfruit says:

    Pig rectum … I had a hard time going on reading after that! =D

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