Seoul Searching

Yesterday, I had to go to Seoul to visit the Canadian Embassy, my passport needed renewing.  Again.

Are Canadians the only people with 5 year passports?  And why is it so complicated to renew a passport abroad?  I am a Canadian citizen, I currently hold a valid passport and multiple other government issued IDs.  It’s a mystery to me why I feel like I’ve just survived the Inquisition.  Or at least I think I survived.  I’ll let you know if my new passport arrives! 😀

The adventure began when I arrived at the KTX station at 7:30am to find the next three trains sold out.  There had been plenty of seats when I checked the night before, what had happened?

“But you go maybe in shin-ney-ma car?” the man behind the counter offered, anxious to please.

I wasn’t sure what the shin-ney-ma car was but if riding in it would get me to Seoul and provide me with a seat the whole way, it was OK with me.  I bought the ticket.

I made my way to the platform and as the train pulled in, and I saw the car with the movie camera pictures on it, I figure it out.  It was the cinema car.  I was going to Seoul in style!

About 10 minutes into the train ride, the blinds were all lowered, a screen folded down from the ceiling and a movie began.  I settled in expectantly.  My Korean isn’t great but I can usually pick up enough to get the general gist of the movie.

It was a Chinese movie.  It was called 14 something.  I could read the number but not the word after it.  And in spite of watching the entire movie, I never did figure out what there were 14 of.

It was one of those beautifully filmed action movies set in the distant past with improbably lovely flying sword fight scenes, and gruesome beheadings.  There was also a pirate, which was a bit confusing.

I arrived in Seoul and headed over to the Canadian Embassy.  Or at least that’s where I thought I was headed.  I have been blessed with many things in my life, but a sense of direction isn’t one of them.  I have been to the Canadian Embassy many times but I still manage to find a new way to get lost every time.

On my wanderings, I always manage to find interesting things.  I bet I’ve seen parts of Seoul that most foreigners never even knew existed. 😀

This time, I discovered a Rice Museum.  I admit to being mildly intrigued.  Was there really that much to know about rice?  Perhaps the next time I go to Seoul, I will visit.  Assuming I can find it again…

(I also want to find the Chicken Art Museum.  Imagine?  An entire museum dedicated to Chicken Art?  The mind reels.)

I am including a picture I took the last time I was in Seoul.  While it’s true that I am directionally challenged, signs like this don’t help.

Photo: ?????  I'd get lost for sure.


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6 Responses to Seoul Searching

  1. I LOVE that sign!!! I might have to go and steal it, hehe.

  2. Brooke says:

    Let me know if you ever make it to the Chicken Art Museum! I’ve walked past it many times and always wanted to go, but never made it. If I remember right it’s near Samcheong-dong.

  3. megan says:

    We have 5 year passports too! Though with the new micro chip passports we have face recognition, self check in immigration gates in NZ and AUS, which speeds things up a bit.

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