Surprise Essay Contest

Yesterday I was presented with a stack of essays to judge.  Not grade, judge.  Apparently an essay competition had taken place.

“Didn’t you know?” my co-T asked in surprise. “Students have been applying for many weeks.  Essay contest was yesterday.”

Since I know neither the word for essay nor contest in Korean, the answer was No, I hadn’t known.  It’s kind of exciting, this life on the edge.  I wake up every morning and wonder What will happen today? Keeps me on my toes. 🙂

The topic of the essay was: What kind of Korean food would you like to introduce to the rest of the world. Please five three things and reasons.

The results were hilarious.  Every single child mentioned that foreigners found Korean food to be wildly spicy.

(I like the part that claims “our foods are not delicious at theirs mouth) 😀

Here are a few other excerpts:

(Practice makes perfect I guess!)

I do like food I can eat easy.

Last but certainly not least,

No noodles in the US!!!  What a scandal!  And I’m going to assume that she means dog as a food, not dog food.  Although occasionally for school lunch we are served something that does bear a strong resemblance to kibble…

The essays were fun to read.  My students are clearly VERY proud of their country. 😀


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8 Responses to Surprise Essay Contest

  1. Abo says:

    Fun times, Carrie-Teacher! My students have an essay competition tomorrow for which I was asked to submit a question. I look forward to reading their responses on how to balance student rights and discipline. ^^,

  2. econner807 says:

    My students did the same contest. They ALL answered kimchi, with varying answers of bibimbap, bulgogi, dokkbokki, and samgyetang. ^_^

  3. The Waiting says:

    I was not aware the samketang was made BY chickens. It was be very uncomfortable in the kitchen when these chicken chefs have to prepare their brethren for the soup 😉

  4. oegukeen says:

    These children are just wonderful. I like their way of thinking. 🙂

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