Fabulous Flower Festival!

I decided to stay in Ulsan this weekend and attend the festival that was happening in my own backyard.  Am I ever glad I did!!  The Taehwa Park Flower Festival was AMAZING.  There were flowers as far as the eye could see.

There were little pathways in the flowers so you could have your picture taken amongst all the beautiful blooms without squishing them.

Is this wheat?  Barley?  Anyone know?

There were some strange moss-covered statues…

… and stalls selling Korean burnt sugar candy.  It doesn’t taste very nice (I think!) but it smells lovely!

We got fabulously stylish cardboard festival hats from a tourist information lady.  My head is clearly a little larger than the average Koreans! 😀

The bamboo forest was exploding with new growth:

I always think baby bamboo looks like something from another planet.

We took a few jumping shots before heading over to a cafe for green tea frappes.

And then I stopped on the way home for a watermelon popsicle.  The “watermelon seeds” are chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  Delicious!!! 🙂


About Carrie K

Teacher, writer, traveller. Slightly neurotic. Overly talkative. Loving life. You can also follow me on Twitter: kimchigirl72
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5 Responses to Fabulous Flower Festival!

  1. megan says:

    The weather and flowers look great. Mmm tasty, tasty watermelon pop! How long you planning to stay in Korea?

    • Carrie K says:

      The weather has been FABULOUS lately!! The rainy season starts soon though…
      I’ll be in Korea at least another year. Then…. who knows? 😀

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