A Veggie Tale

I bought vegetables last night.  It was an adventure.  The grocery store closest to me is a farmers’ cooperative, which means that everything is local, fresh and seasonal.  It also means that the vast majority of the produce section is unfamiliar.

When I first arrived, I brought my dictionary along with me but I didn’t recognize most of the English translations.  Perilla?  Kohlrabi? Bunching onions?  Did I want my onions to bunch? Quite a few of the names came up with “no English translation available.”

And so I began to buy things at random and make soup.

In the winter, the shelves held lots of strange root vegetables.  As Spring approaches, mushrooms have begun to appear.  I had no idea there were so many kinds of mushrooms in the world.

Last night I bought these two:

Not so usefully identified as "Mushroom"


I bought them because they were aesthetically pleasing.  They reminded me of fairy toadstools from the picture books of my childhood.

Their name however…

Given all the consonants, I wondered if it was Welsh for “Toxic – Do Not Eat.”

There is something else that has puzzled me about the veggies at my grocery store.  They are always wrapped either individually or in groups of 2-3.  Why?

(This carrot was HUGE.  At it’s thickest, it was probably as big around as my wrist.  741 won is about 70 cents US.)

Flowers are starting to burst out everywhere. It’s fabulous.  I saw these on my way home last night!

They smell amazing.  Anybody know what they are?  Some kind of magnolia maybe?


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2 Responses to A Veggie Tale

  1. bellacorea says:

    haha;-) I understand what you meant.. I have a same problem here!! so basically first mushroom, it’s called ‘느타리(NeuTaLi: name of this mushroom). I think this might be a family of Pluteaceae. I tried to find exactly the name in English.. but it’s difficult! If you google “느타리버섯 요리”(How to cook this mushroom), you will be able to find so many different ways! Second mushroom, it’s called ‘새송이(SaeSongLee)mushroom. Korean loves it especially this way (http://www.koreataste.org/lang/en/en/blogging-en/songyi-guyi-sauteed-king-oyster-mushroom-recipe/)! and the package says that this mushroom is produced by 주) 건천 (a certain company name)! It doesn’t mean’toxic’, ‘do not eat’! 😉 and last, individual packed carrot… I think the reason they warpped carrots individually may be carrots are already washed… no need to wash anymore…. 🙂 I hope it can help you a little bit!

    • Carrie K says:

      Thank you so much!!!! I love learning the names of things, especially delicious things! Then I can buy them again! 🙂

      That recipe sounds amazing. I can’t wait to try it!!

      Thanks!! 😀

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