The Sound of Music?

One of my co-teachers decided that every month she will teach the children an English song.  Her reasoning is that while learning the songs, the students will gain some new vocabulary, and learn a little about Western culture.  And perhaps singing will help improve their pronunciation.

I liked her idea but had yet to see it in action.  The students have English three times a week but only one of those classes is with me.

Today, we finished our lesson a little early.

“I know!” my co-T exclaimed, clapping her hands. “You can listen to our song!”

I knew from the first chord what it was: the Do-Re-Mi song from the Sound of Music.

“Do you know it?” my co-T asked, surprised.

I thought perhaps saying that I knew every line in the script, and every word in every song might make me sound a little fanatically freakish, and so I opted for something vague about my family watching the movie every Christmas.

A green field in Austria appeared on the screen (what would we do without youtube?) and Julie Andrews strummed her guitar.  I smiled  an encouraging smile as my students opened their mouths to sing.

Doh a dee-ah, a pee-may-ruh dee-ah! 
Lay a dlop oh-buh go-ru-den sun!

Oh dear.

Soh, a nee-du-ruh poo-ring suh-red-uh!
Rah, a note-uh to pollow soh!
Chi, a dlink wis jam and-uh bread-uh!

But my students were happy.  All their little faces were either watching me or the screen, and their normally squirming bodies were all bobbing along in time to the music.

I have learned to choose my English battles carefully, and this was one battle I chose not to fight.  So I pasted on a great big smile and joined in.

Zat wir bring-uh us-uh back-uh to Doh-oh-oh-oh…. 😀


About Carrie K

Teacher, writer, traveller. Slightly neurotic. Overly talkative. Loving life. You can also follow me on Twitter: kimchigirl72
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