Celebratory Rice Cake?

Today there was a very large amount of pumpkin rice cake in our staffroom.

I didn’t mind; I love rice cake!  I was just a bit puzzled.  Where did it all come from?

When I asked, I was given the “Carrie-teacher, you have rocks for brains” look.

“Don’t you know?”

Would I be asking if I did know? I was tempted to answer.  But I bit my tongue and politely said, “No.”

“In Canada, this does not happen?” I was asked with astonishment.

“I don’t think so…” Since I still didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t want to say yes or no.

It turns out that all the new teachers have to buy the entire staff rice cake with their first pay check.

Poor new teachers!  You would certainly want to get a job at a small school!

I wondered if all the new teachers had to individually buy rice cake, or if they could combine their money and buy rice cake as a group.  There was an awful lot of rice cake on our staffroom table but I had no idea of rice cake etiquette.  Was there a certain amount per person you were required to give or was it more of a gesture?

I will probably never know. 😀

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, you can find green beer for St Patrick’s Day in Korea!


About Carrie K

Teacher, writer, traveller. Slightly neurotic. Overly talkative. Loving life. You can also follow me on Twitter: kimchigirl72
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