White Day!

March 14th is White Day.  It is the day when boys and men must give the women in their lives something white.  It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it’s white – white shoes, white chocolate, shortbread cookies, vanilla cake – anything goes.  The general consensus among the women and girls I asked today though is that the present is better if it’s edible.

The bakery on my corner had a fabulous display of prettily wrapped baked goods for husbands and boyfriends to choose from:

Presumably there was some sort of traditional, meaningful origin to this day but nobody in my staffroom knew what it was.

For the students, it meant candy.  In theory, if a girl gave a boy something on Valentine’s Day (because girls give things to boys here on Valentine’s Day, not the other way around!) the boy was supposed to reciprocate.

From what I could see in my classes today, everyone was giving everyone else candy.  And dropping the wrappers on the classroom floor.  Which resulted in an unhappy Carrie-teacher, and a ban on eating in the English Zone.

One of the new teachers this year is a brand new gym teacher.  He graduated from teachers’ college last month and this is his first teaching job.  He gave all the women teachers in our staffroom a treat today.

“Not for love, Carrie-teacher!” he was quick to assure me when I thanked him.  And then he bolted from the room.  Did he think I was going to pounce on him because he gave me two lollipops and a piece of chocolate?

I did wonder about the bow.  Did he sit there tying them all on himself or did he buy them that way?

I was also interested to learn that there was one more day left to come.  If you didn’t receive anything on either Valentine’s Day or White Day, April 14th is Black Day.  You’re supposed to get together with other… single people?  Loners? Losers?  (How do we refer to these people?) and eat a kind of black noodle. 🙂

It was also student council election day today, adding to the mayhem.  We have a 10 minute break between each class and during each one, students marched up and down the halls chanting slogans and waving placards.  It was hilarious during the first break but it quickly got old.  Thankfully, just before lunch, little polling stations appeared and the council was elected.

Spring is also finally on its way!!  There are pussy-willows in the Bamboo Forest!

Happy White Day everyone!  ^_^


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One Response to White Day!

  1. ck says:

    Does Black Day fall on Tuesday every year? And what could possibly make a noodle black?? Yuck. I think white day is a good excuse to give sweets for love!

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