Snow Slides and Parfaits

Last weekend, some friends and I decided to go to Daegu.  Daegu is the 4th largest city in Korea.  It is famous for hosting things like the 2011 World Athletic Championships, the International Body Painting Championships, and the Pine Mushroom Festival.  All exciting in their own way, I’m sure.

My friends and I didn’t have a specific reason for going; we just hadn’t been there yet.  And it was only 20 minutes away by high-speed train.

After we arrived, we checked into our love hotel to discover that our rooms had no less than 5 different kinds of wall paper.  They also had bright red “mood” lighting.  With the lights off (and mood lighting on), it was a bit like being inside an oven.  Very odd.

We headed out to  discover what Daegu had to offer.

First stop: Woobang Tower Land E-World.  Ridiculously long name for what turned out to be a small amusement park.  Its size didn’t matter once we discovered what it had to offer:  Snow slides!

We had a choice of inner tubes or plastic sleds.  We chose inner tubes.

I’m going a hazard a guess that this “ride” was supposed to be for children.  None of our lovely bottoms fit inside the tubes; we just perched on top. 😀

And my legs kind of got in the way.  Didn’t matter though. It was SO much fun.  Almost like being at home in Canada. 😀

After so much fun, we were hungry.  Imagine my excitement when we discovered this:

I love peanut butter and I love squid.  Together, how could they be bad?

It was so delicious we went back for seconds! 😀

After a busy day and a delightful dinner, we thought we would stop at a coffee shop for coffee and dessert.  My friend Katie ordered bing su, a fabulous Korean dessert made from shaved ice, ice cream, and fruit.

I decided to go a bit more Western and I ordered a parfait.  When it arrived, it looked normal other than the Saltine crackers.

And then I looked closer, and realized I’d been served a Korean parfait. 🙂

Starting from the top, it had a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped by sliced bananas, kiwis and whipped cream. These were supported by 2 Saltine crackers and more whipped cream.  Next came corn flakes, chocolate sauce and fruit salad followed by a scoop of chocolate ice cream.  Under that were more corn flakes and some sort of whipped cream/ marshmallow mixture.  Underneath all of that was a bright red gelatinous layer that tasted like cough syrup.  It was not at all what I was expecting but it was fabulous! 😀

This was also on the menu.  Not sure what it is though.  Any ideas?


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