My birthday!

Today is my birthday but since I hadn’t told many people, I wasn’t expecting much of a fuss.  I arrived at school to discover that my lovely co-teacher Sunny had brought a beautiful cake for the whole staffroom to share!  Green tea flavoured with a layer of red beans.  YUM!

Sunny also gave me a bouquet of pretty pink flowers, and socks.

I of course,busted out my camera (“take a picture for my Mom!”) but apparently I was the only one who heard “Cheese!”

Everyone sang Happy Birthday (in English!) and I blew out the candle.  (They had decided that my age involved too many candles to they decided to go with just one.)

I don’t recall if Gulliver had a birthday while he was with the Lilliputians but if he did, I bet this is what it would have looked like. 😀  At least the lady beside me is having a good time!

The cake was then hacked into chunks, served in paper cups, and everyone ate it with toothpicks.

“Korean style!” one of my co-workers mumbled around a mouth stuffed with cake.

The students soon found out it was my birthday and all day long they ran up to me and yelled:

Happy Birthday Carrie-teacher!!!  Fighting!!”

“Um… thanks?”

What did that mean?  Fighting?

I also got a lot of “presents” from the kiddies – pencils, origami animals, strangely flavoured candy, cards.  It was great!

Here are two of the cards:

I think he managed to cover just about every special occasion with just one card!  That’s supposed to be me I think. 😀

Apparently we need to work on the meaning of “Dear” and “from.”  I think that face is also meant to be me.

And here is some of the candy:

What’s chicle?

All in all, a fabulous Korean-style birthday! 😀


About Carrie K

Teacher, writer, traveller. Slightly neurotic. Overly talkative. Loving life. You can also follow me on Twitter: kimchigirl72
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One Response to My birthday!

  1. Pam shields says:

    HI Carrie – Did not remember that it is (was) your birthday – sorry so Happy Birthday a few days late…where are the photos you said I should look at?? Happy New Year and be Good?? Love Pam

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