Lunar eclipse

On Saturday night, there was a lunar eclipse.  I know nothing about these sorts of things but I figured that since it had been announced on the BBC, perhaps I should make my way outside at the appropriate time and see what all the fuss was about. 🙂

At about 10pm, I checked the weather.  1 degree.  My cosy warm bed and a few more chapters in my book beckoned.

“It will give you something to talk about in your Teachers’ English class, Carrie-teacher,” I told myself sternly.

I got dressed and headed out the door.  I glanced in the mirror on the way out and wished I hadn’t- I looked ready for a polar expedition.   I was certainly wearing enough clothing to clothe the entire crew of a polar expedition!

I walked down to the bamboo forest.  I figured that would be the best place to see the eclipse – no buildings and very few tall trees.  Once there, I spotted a relatively dark area to stand in.  The bamboo forest is very well lit.  Normally I don’t mind, but all the lights make eclipse watching a little difficult.

As I walked towards my darkish spot, I noticed a large lump.  A rock?  A bench?  It was an elderly lady lying on the frosty ground, staring up at the moon where the eclipse had just begun.

(My camera isn’t very good, but this picture looked pretty with the stars and the bamboo.)

I politely greeted the elderly woman but she gave no indication of having heard me.  I took a few pictures then wandered around, trying to keep warm.  Eclipses are interesting but they certainly don’t keep you on the edge of your seat!

My elderly companion hadn’t moved.  I was running in place and doing jumping jacks to stay warm but she stayed stretched out on cold, hard ground.  Suddenly I panicked.  What if she wasn’t watching the eclipse, what if she was dead?

I took a few cautious steps towards her and was about to nudge her with my foot when her cell phone rang.  I tried to manoeuvre my foot so that it looked like I was going for an artsy shot of the moon instead.

“What?” she yelled into the phone, proving that she was not dead, just hard of hearing.  “I’m watching it now!”

She slammed her phone shut and resumed her corpse-like position.

That’s the last picture I took.  It doesn’t do justice to the eerie red colour the moon became.    I didn’t stick around to watch the moon become white again.  It was too cold.  I’m not sure if my elderly companion stayed but she seemed pretty comfortable when I left! 😀


About Carrie K

Teacher, writer, traveller. Slightly neurotic. Overly talkative. Loving life. You can also follow me on Twitter: kimchigirl72
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One Response to Lunar eclipse

  1. aybeeoh says:

    Gorgeous pics, Carrie. How bummed I am to have missed it all – the Lunar Eclipse and the old lady :D. You should return to that spot just to make sure that she didn’t die of hypothermia.

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