Kimchi at EVERY meal?

For those of you who are fellow foodies, I thought I would take pictures of what I eat on a more or less regular basis. 🙂

Although I am an adventurous eater (I’ll try almost anything once!) I try to keep my unusual culinary experiences for after 10 am.  Korean breakfasts usually consist of (you probably can guess!) rice, soup and kimchi.  Thankfully I can get Western breakfast foods in Ulsan so my breakfasts tend to look a bit like this:

Lunch is provided by my school.  This is mostly good. 🙂  It’s certainly lovely to not have to pack a lunch every day, and usually lunch is pretty delicious. As a pescetarian, lunch can occaisionally be challenging but usually I can find something to eat.

Lunch consists of kimchi, rice, soup, a side-dish and a main course.  The rice is either plain white rice or has been mixed with beans.  The side-dish is usually a vegetable of some sort, and the main is either meat or fish.

The soup is a bit of a wild card.  Sometimes it’s more of a stew, thick and filling.  Sometimes it’s a soup, thin but no less delicious.  And sometimes, it’s like I’ve been served a tide pool – the broth is clear and a bit salty, there are a few wee fish, a couple of crustaceans and several bivalves.  There are bits of seaweed floating around, a few grains of sand settled on the bottom, and once a beautifully iridescent fish scale floating on top.

Grade 3s eating lunch.

Lunch!  Everything has to go in the right spot!  (The soup had meat in it hence the empty spot.)

We also have Hello Kitty milk!!   In Korean it says “Hello Kitty Delicious Calcium Milk.”  Does she make it more delicious? Are the kids more likely to drink it because the box is cute?  I do not know.

Dinner I either eat out because after a day of slow, bizarre English it’s wonderful to see people who actually speak my language, or I eat in my apartment.  There is a plethora of ready-made food in Korea that is cheap and usually delicious.  I tend to eat Korean food most nights because it’s easier and I like it.

This is what my dinner usually looks like!  Plus or minus a few pots of goodness.  From left to right, top to bottom we have: tuna and mayo, rice, seaweed.  Then lotus root, kimchi, spicy filefish, black beans of some sort, quail eggs and dried fish.  Yum yum yum!!!

So there you have it!  Korean food is supposed to be wildly good for you.  I haven’t noticed any changes yet but if I start leaping over buildings or lifting cars with one hand, I’ll let you know. 😀


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