Watch out for the Poop Needles!

I spent this afternoon at a teacher training session at the Ulsan Institute of Foreign Language Education.  I can’t say that I was exactly thrilled to be going but it was a day out from school, and it gave me an acceptable excuse for missing the weekly foot-volleyball game.   It was also marvellous to see people I hadn’t seen since our original training, way back in August.

Our first session was a basic overview of teaching in Korea.  The presenter was very funny and gave people a chance  to share stories from their schools and lives in Korea.  It made me realize that while my school can be frustrating at times, it could be a lot worse!  🙂

We also discussed various methods of discipline and classroom management.  Most of the techniques advocated would get you arrested in Canada.  One girl mentioned that she had a student who would repeatedly give everyone the middle finger.  Her co-teacher Scotch taped the student’s hands together.

Our presenter also suggested strategies like making the students hold a push-up pose, holding books over their heads for extended periods of time, making the student an object of ridicule by drawing a caricature of them on the board, and marking on them with a marker.  All of these are apparently acceptable in Korea but I don’t think I’ll be trying them any time soon….

He also warned us to watch out for the Dong Chim – or Poop Needle.  Those of us who have spent time in Japan will be familiar with this not-so-funny manoeuvre – students will try to jam their fingers up your bottom.  I have no idea why.  It’s very clearly a cultural thing.  Koreans find it HILARIOUS.  I’ve seen it countless times on Korean TV.  It isn’t so funny when you’re the recipient.   I will keep my eyes peeled in the future.

On an entirely different note, I was asked to assess my performance in my Open Class.

“But my Open Class was in September,” I replied, confused.

“Yes,” my co-T said, clearly unperturbed. “Here is the form you must use.”

I gave myself all 4s and 5s.  😀

AND  I NOW HAVE INTERNET!!!!  I thought that deserved capital letters.  😀  The internet gnomes came while I was at training tonight.  Had I known all I needed to do to get internet was leave my apartment, I wouldn’t have spent so many nights waiting for the internet man to come!  😀


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