Remedial Dodgeball

Every Wednesday, all the teachers have a mandatory “fun” sports afternoon.  Very few teachers actually enjoy it but everyone goes.  The principal thinks it’s a good idea, so everybody puts on their sports clothes and drags themselves down to the gym.  (Or finds a very good excuse!)

Today was no exception.  At 2:30, we all grudgingly put our sneakers on and trudged down to the gym.  Usually we “play” from 3-4pm but today we had to be in the gym early.  It turned out that a “professional dodgeball master” (a direct quote from another teacher) had been hired for the afternoon to show us how to play dodgeball properly.

It was amazing.  He had a 30 minute Powerpoint presentation, complete with videos and flowcharts. (He’s in bright yellow, on the bottom right.)

He then had the school dodgeball team (mostly Grade 6 students) and a few “volunteer” teachers go through a game step by step by painful step. For nearly an hour and a half, we watched the perfect dodgeball game progress in super slow motion with long-winded explanations for each move.

Or at least I assumed they were long-winded.  The Korean words I know that would apply to dodgeball are: ball, player, dodgeball and time.  There were a few words of Konglish as well: Out-o = out, pass-ush = pass.  So to me the lecture sounded a bit like: blah blah ball, blah player blah out-o player blah blah blah blah ball.  Dodgeball blah blah blah….

See me in the corner, trying to be inconspicuous?  🙂

Finally, after no actual dodgeball being played, there was the obligatory group shot.  The dodgeball coach (who was remarkably energetic even after 2 hours) exhorted us to pump our fists in the air and yell “fighting!” (Or fight-o! as they say in Japan…)

I look like I’m about to bop the lady in front of me!  🙂

It was not the most interesting way to spend an afternoon but one must keep one’s principal happy, mustn’t one?!  😀


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