Cat cafe

Today’s adventure was not for those who suffer from animal allergies!  Two friends and I spent the afternoon at a Cat Cafe in the university district of Ulsan.  The cafe was on the second floor of the building and we could see several of the cafe’s “hosts” watching us disinterestedly from the windows as we walked by.

The cafe is exactly as it sounds – a cafe with cats.  There is an admission fee of 6000 won but that includes a drink.  You sit at your table allow the cats to come to you, or wander around and play with the frisky felines.   The cafe was clean and bright, and the cats were healthy and obviously well-cared for.  They were also exceedingly well behaved.  They were perfectly content to lie still and be mauled by adults and children alike.   As you can see in the picture, each cat had a profile on the wall with its name, breed and a bunch of other information I couldn’t read.

There were cats and cat toys everywhere.  It was fantastic.  I can’t imagine a cafe like this in Canada, although I wish there was!

There were short haired cats and long haired cats, kittens and older cats, big cats and little cats.  This guy was a beautiful colour!

In spite of all the cat toys around the cafe, the stir stick from my coffee seemed the most fun.

The cafe thoughtfully provided funny indoor slippers for everyone to wear.  There were also lint brushes by the door to de-fluff on the way out.  🙂

All in all, it was a fantastic day, made even better by a marvellous lunch.  🙂


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