English Class

For those who were wondering, my second Open Class went extremely well.   This time, it was opened to the parents as well as all the teachers, and we had a respectable showing over the course of the class.  All parental comments were approving, although that could have been due to the plunging neckline of my dress.

This time our lesson was entitled “What are you doing?”  One of the thrilling things I had to do was teach this chant:

Sis boom bah!  🙂  I understand the point of using chants but must they be so silly? Let me just add that when teaching a chant or a song, we listen to it at the very least five teams.  Depending on the co-T, we could play a song or chant up to 12 times.  I teach 11 grade 5 classes.   Yowza.

I also had to teach the dialog in this video.  Does anyone else find the actors a little creepy?  And why is their hair such a strange colour?  Aren’t they foreign enough? And why is she cleaning his shoes?  Surely there is a more useful sentence they could have put in there?

Today during one of my classes, I pondered my role in Korea.  There I stood in front of a bunch of hooligan grade 5s getting them to repeat after me.

Carrie: I’m washing my hands.

Students: I am-uh washing-guh my hand-uh.

(In Korean, most consonants are followed by a vowel and so when speaking English, they just add -uh or -oh to the end of everything.  Argh.  It is the bane of English teachers everywhere.)

Carrie:  Let’s try that again.  I’m.

Students: I’m-uh.

Carrie: I’m washing.

Students:  I’m -uh washing-guh.

Carrie:  [insert huge sigh of resignation] I’m washing my hands.

Students: I’m-uh washing-guh my hand-uh.

Carrie: Hand?  You only have one hand?

Students: Ah! I’m-uh washing-guh my hand-zuh.

Carrie: That’s right!  Hand-zuh.  Don’t forget the ‘s’!  Good job everyone!

That’s right kids, you go ahead and wash-uh your-uh hand-zuh!  Am I an English teacher or am I an Englishee teechah?  😀


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Teacher, writer, traveller. Slightly neurotic. Overly talkative. Loving life. You can also follow me on Twitter: kimchigirl72
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