My crazy school!

I would like to announce that I am an officially registered alien!  Huzzah!  My alien registration card arrived today.  Now I can get a health card, send money back to Canada and most importantly, get internet in my apartment!!  It was a red-letter day.  Now to figure out how to do all of the abovementioned things…  🙂

I am also extremely thankful for bangs today.  I am sporting a lovely bruise right in the middle of my forehead, after walking straight into an unexpectedly low door frame.   A concrete door frame no less.  I’m usually pretty careful when it comes to door frames and the like in Asia.  I’ve bonked my head a number of times over my years here; being six feet tall can be hazardous!  This is the first time I’ve given myself a bruise though.  Must have rammed it pretty hard.  🙂

School has finally started to settle into a routine.  Last week was the first week that I had all my classes so now I know what a complete “normal” week will be like.  I teach Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5.  I also teach 2 hours of something called Role Play class every Friday afternoon, and 2 hours of teachers’ English class.

For Grade 5, I have 11 classes of 35 kids and I see each class once a week.  For some unknown reason, I go to their classrooms to teach English.  Here’s one of the Grade 5 classrooms:

The little boxes at the back are their lockers, for shoes, backpacks etc.

The front of the classroom with the TV and the blackboard where I spend most of my time.

I get to teach fun and exciting topics like “Whose boat is this?” and “Do you want some more?”

Here’s an example of a video clip from the textbook’s CD:

And a song I had to teach:

I only teach Grade 4 once a week, every Thursday morning.  They are a sweet bunch.  I’m not sure how many kids are in the class but it seems pretty crowded in the classroom.  They get to learn things like “How much is it?” and “That’s a good idea!”

I teach 8 Grade 3 classes and I see each class once a week.  Some classes I would happily see every day, others I could happily throttle.  I teach the wee hooligans in the English classroom, or as it’s better known, the English Zone.

(One of my Grade 5s modelling, and one of my co-teachers in the background.)

The English Zone is brand new, and is actually still not quite finished.  New windows were being put in today.  I have tried asking why I only teach some of my classes here but I have yet to get an answer that I understand.

Here’s the front of the classroom, and the back is below.

The Grade 3s are taught fascinating and useful lessons like “How many puppies?” and “I can jump!”  I had to teach this song for the past 2 weeks, movements and all.  I’m not sure who had more fun actually, me or the kids.

The English Zone is decorated with interesting things.  I’ve been trying to decide whether someone designed them specifically or if my co-Teachers just picked stuff out of a book.

We have a word wall with a grammatically incorrect title and a seemingly random list of words.

We also have a highly inaccurate map of the world: the Eiffel Tower has migrated to Austria, Pisa has lost its Leaning Tower to Syria, the Statue of Liberty now stands in Florida and while Canada does have Parliament buildings, they don’t look like that.

The school itself is huge.  I never know where I’m going, I just follow my co-teachers!

Thankfully all the classes have somewhat bizarrely worded signs like this to help me find the right classroom.

Last but certainly not least, is the sign I found while taking pictures around the school.  The Health Room is the school nurse, which is useful and appropriate for children aged 5-12.  It’s the second sign that has me intrigued.  Perhaps it’s for the teachers?


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