Tour of Ulsan

August 20th 

On Saturday, we were told that instead of teacher training, we would be given a tour of our new city.  The Purple Party Bus picked us up and off we went!  Unfortunately, it was raining so we drove by a lot of the attractions rather than getting out to see them.

We did however stop at the Ulsan Museum where we were treated to a fabulous display of dioramas about the industries of Ulsan – namely oil, shipping and Hyundai.

After the museum, we were taken for lunch at a German style brewery.  The tables were decorated with the familiar blue and white of the Bavarian flag and the décor was early German gasthaus – heavy wooden furniture, the occasional skull of something long dead hung on the wall.  The meat-eaters were served pizza and a green meat-topped salad.  The vegetarians were served fruit salad with a sweet creamy dressing and sprinkles.  And popcorn.  Awareness of vegetarianism in Korea is on the rise but what exactly to feed us is open for debate.

After lunch, our lovely Korean guides took us to one of Ulsan’s most famous beaches.  It had been drizzling during our drive to the beach but as we arrived, it began bucketing down.  Nevertheless, not wanting to insult our Korean hosts, we got off the bus, made our way down to the beach and stood, in the pouring rain admiring what little we could see.  From what I could tell, the beach was covered in black pebbles.  Maybe that’s why it was famous?

I think the Korean guides must have given up after the beach because they took us to a large department store called Lotte Mart and set us free for an hour.  It was great.  I love foreign grocery stores – you never know what you’re going to find!


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